The Silence of Saturday

It’s dark and rainy out today.   There is no coincidence about that.  Satan is aware that millions of Christians around the world are in a state of remembrance of what this time in the year represents for them.  Satan is not thrilled that the attention is where it ought always be, on Christ. He is bothered by the fact that on this morning our church family will gather and then disperse to pass out information about our church to our community.  Inviting them not just to our church but ultimately hopefully and prayerfully leading them to our Christ as Savior.

Yes, Satan is bothered on this day.

As I ponder in my own thoughts this day and what it must have been like two thousand years ago I wonder what it was like.  Did some rejoice and throw parties?  After all, they felt they had won.  They knew Christ had died and they knew exactly where His precious body had been laid. Did some still weep?  Were others full of confusion?  Were even more praying and hoping thinking, “Come on Jesus, rise again!! I have faith you can do it!  Show them You really are GOD!”

As I think about the day before, on the day He was crucified, my heart’s cry during the mockery is, “Jesus, show them prove to them the God I know you are!!”  Yet, if He had done that, we would all be lost for eternity.  Listen to this quote by Preacher Adrian Rogers:

“If Jesus had taken up His own defense with the intention of refuting His accusers and proving His innocence, He would have won.  But we would have lost, and we would be lost for all eternity.”

Yes, His thoughts are so much higher than my own. His plans are bigger than mine.  He knew this had to happen.

So they laid Him in a tomb.  Kind, gracious Joseph of Arimathea had a fresh clean tomb ready for His Savior. I imagine Joseph knew it was only for a few days Christ would need it. They laid Christ’s body to rest and on the Sabbath it was quiet.  I imagine there were many tears shed but slivers of hope were deep in their heart.  Soldiers rolled a giant stone in front of the tomb to keep people out and attempting to keep Christ in, and then they stood guard.  Then they waited.

Yes, Saturday was silent, but SUNDAY was coming!!

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