Becoming Hospitable: WEEK 1

Friends, I have a confession.  I love HGTV. No way, you do too?!  Thank goodness I am not alone!  I have a particular interest in interior design, though it is something I still have much to learn about!  Beautifully decorated homes, especially those decked out for the holidays, makes me swoon!  There is just something about those twinkly lights, the garland, the red cranberries, oh man, it gets me every time!  Makes me feel so warm and cozy like I could curl up next to an inviting fire, which of course has a perfectly decorated mantel above it and drink hot cocoa while reading a book.  So picturesque, isn’t it?
Then I have a reality check and I look across my house….. which is terribly far from perfect.  Please, no pictures!  My house on any given day and at any given moment, can resemble that of the aftermath of a tornado, or even a hurricane depending on if my toddler is using a “big girl” cup, i.e. a cup without a lid.  Now, this is not because I loathe cleaning, because as crazy as it may sound, I actually love to clean my house!  I am so weird, I know!  However, I do live in my home, as do my husband and three precious children, therefore it is never ever perfect, except for the hours between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

With that being said, sometimes the thought of opening my home up to guests makes me feel a bit antsy.  I mean, I love to have people in my home, we love having company, but then there is that perfectionist side of me that wants to make sure every.single.thing. is perfectly in it’s place {and clean!} before I open my door to others.  When I feel that way though, I am wrong.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a clean home, but putting the pressure of “perfect” on myself and my family before we are willing to serve others and welcome them in, that is wrong because I have forgotten what hospitality really is all about.

Being hospitable is not about me, or my house, or the crumbs under my table.  It is an attitude of our heart, wanting to serve and invite others into the home God has blessed us with.  It is about welcoming people in, making them feel at home, and sharing with them the grace and love God has lavished on us.  Do any of us really feel at home in a picture perfect setting?  Oh heavens, I do not!  Especially since I have a toddler!  When we walk into a beautiful, picturesque place my instant thought is, hang onto the baby and to the little boy as well!  My imagination runs wild over what could potentially happen!

Making people feel at home means they see we are just people, living our lives like they do, and if a glass of milk spills across the table or crumbs find their way to the floor, it really is alright.  We will clean it up and keep going because life and crumbs, well, they just happen!  We have to keep the right perspective on what is more important.  Making our guests feel comfortable in our home breaks down barriers as we break bread and have sweet fellowship across the table.

The first thing I would love to share with you about becoming more hospitable is this, our home does not have to be perfect to be inviting.  1 Peter 4:9 states, “Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”  Two thoughts come to my mind about this verse.  First, is that God does not say “if you feel like being hospitable”, no He just jumps right in and says “Use hospitality”, which makes me believe that He wants us to be hospitable.  Second, the words “without grudging” in this verse could also be stated without complaining!  Opening our door to others should be done because we love the Lord and we love people!  It should not be something we dread doing, especially because of the pressure we put on ourselves to get the house perfectly tidy.  Our home will be inviting if our attitude is inviting.

God wants us to be hospitable people.  He wants us to share generously what He has entrusted us with.  A home to live in, a table to eat at, warm food to share, and time to be invested in others and eternity.  The house does not have to be perfect for us to be hospitable.  We are the ones that make our home inviting, not the cleanliness of our floors and counter tops.

Join me next week as we talk about who we should be hospitable to!

Be encouraged!


I always love to hear from my readers!  What have you learned about becoming hospitable?

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Hospitable: WEEK 1

  1. We share a heart for interior design, HGtv too. 😉 I’m agreeing and cheering with you about hospitality. Two of the most welcoming homes in my memory would never be seen on HGtv, but they certainly rank high in the Kingdom. They were comfortable and welcoming…and there was much talk about Jesus. Sending blessings via our neighboring at #dancewithJesus.

  2. I love HGTV too! 🙂 I often struggle with my home as well. I have two toddlers and messes are just a part of life. (My husband and I were neat freaks before kids!) But as Kristi commented before me, the most inviting homes of my childhood weren’t exactly HGTV worthy. But in these homes, I was welcomed and I grew in my love for the Lord. 🙂


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